January 12, 2009

Through the Looking Glass

One year ago, I met a friend who was pretty much determined to leave her husband because she had found 'true love' on Facebook. Of course I told her to have her head examined and get back to her senses... One year later, the marriage is still on, albeit shaky, because her reality has been turned upside down.

What is reality and what is fiction in cyberspace? Do we, as women, tend to 'escape' routine for all the reasons men do? I am thinking maybe not. While men would pursue their sexual fantasies when online, the women I have in mind are trying to reinvent themselves - to create the 'persona' that has been denied to them in real life. Many of them will tell me they have been taken for granted for too long by their husbands/partners.
"The woman I see in the mirror is not me, he has turned me into a clockwork device, insensitive pig!"
While protected by the neutrality of the screen, all the scars heal, and the little lies become a form of elegant sophistication.

There are no worries about cellulite, wrinkles or hairy legs. Escapism takes over... Freedom is a click away.

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